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Gilroy, CA
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Very Viognier

On a crisp, sun-laden day, I paid a visit to Sycamore Creek Vineyards, newly owned by Frank Leal of Leal Vineyards. The driveway was lined with Manzanillo olive trees whose ancient, gnarled trunks belied their recent plantings. The olive trees, strung with twinkling lights for evening magic, along with the lovely working women in the tasting room and the very solid wines—all trademarks of Frank Leal’s success in the business.

Pogonip Preserve

We are lucky to live just over the hill from Santa Cruz—only an hour’s drive from cool summer air, seaside vistas and movies with fewer special effects and explosions. For years, I had heard about Pogonip, an open space near Santa Cruz, without really knowing what it was. I just knew it had a catchy name and trails to explore.
Some may wonder why the faithful tend to get a little bent out of shape over the phrase Happy Holidays. It’s not that the phrase itself is offensive, after all, it has its root meaning from “holy day.” It may have more to do with the fact the phrase, Happy Holidays, is used because it’s “less” offensive to others who don’t believe in the Christ child’s mission on earth.
In this space a month or so ago we asked the question: what will happen to rates? The answer for the past few weeks since the election has been, they are going up.
Half way up the Wine Trail on Watsonville Road, is Aver Family Vineyards, a hill-top winery with 180-degree views of the Uvas Valley and surrounding vineyards below.
In the past eight years, many buyers in Santa Clara and surrounding counties purchased their homes with loans that required mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance (MI) is usually required when you buy a home with less than 20 percent down, or when you buy a home with a government backed program like an FHA loan or a USDA loan.
I woke on a Wednesday morning in early November with an odd feeling that, like Alice, I had stepped through the looking glass into a strange alternate reality. It was an uneasy feeling, but one for which I knew the perfect tonic: getting out.

Best bubbly

Champagne has been the drink of celebrations ever since French monk Dom Pérignon discovered the libation in 1693 and exclaimed,“Come quickly, I am drinking the stars.”
The growth of solar as an alternative energy source has created a new challenge for people buying or selling an existing home with solar panels in place. The choices between owning, leasing, or power purchase agreements could impact the marketability of your home, and what buyers are looking for in a property with solar.

Lights aplenty

The holidays are here and all of us know what that means. Yes, we must try to outdo our neighbors with our display of holiday spirit. We need lights! We need trees! We need a lot of beer to make our decorating go faster.