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Gilroy, CA
Sunday, December 15, 2019
A while back I wrote to the Red Phone asking when GUSD administration was going to open the CHS (padded) track to us runners/taxpayers so we can save our knees. You did your research and we were promised it was going to happen after the signage was completed and after the grand opening of the facility. Both of those things are completed and the track isn’t open to the public. Could you please hold the school district accountable to their promise? As a homeowner who pays property taxes, I will not support their upcoming Bond Measure if I can't use the tracks at CHS & GHS!
I would like to make a rebuttal to some of the comments made the Gilroy city street engineer regarding the projects along Santa Teresa and Luchessa. He says the city doesn't have control over the schedule for the projects being executed by developers. I ask, why not? The developers have to file a building permit with a completion date. I think that was a non-legitimate answer.
I walk around Las Animas Park twice every day. On the morning of March 25, I noticed at the baseball field there were 11 city workers working most of the day where the adult softball league plays. I walked once again in the afternoon and the same amount of people were still there but were just standing around and watching one guy who was truly working. Is it necessary for 11 city workers to work practically all day on one field? I would like to know if our taxpayer money is going toward these 11 workers standing around all day supposedly working on the same baseball field. Does the softball league make that much revenue in order to reimburse for these city workers wasting a whole day fixing this field? I certainly hope it was not my taxpayer money being wasted. If it was my taxpayer money, I am sure the taxpayers of Gilroy would like to be informed how much this cost. I would appreciate you looking into this matter as soon as possible. 
I would like to know what year will the stretch of Luchessa Avenue between Monterey Road and Princevalle Street be completed. That project has been ongoing for three years. Also, I would like to know when the intersection of Miller Avenue and Santa Teresa Boulevard would be completed. The electronic sign needs to be updated again. These two projects are very much of a nuisance to the driving public.
Is there anything that the city or anyone can do about the dumping of furniture on Las Animas near Murray? In just two days we've seen a big-screen TV, a love seat, a toilet, a mattress and some boxes, left near that intersection. Nearby, on Electa Court, there is more abandoned furniture, a carpet and boxes of junk. It seems like every week someone dumps something. I'm tired of seeing this, this area has turned into a dumping ground for everybody!
The building on the corner of First and Carmel recently has been painted green, red and yellow, I am trying to understand why the city of Gilroy would allow buildings to be painted with these colors, which would reduce the value of property in the surrounding the area! It is an eyesore. What is the city doing to prevent this from happening, and to correct the paint colors of numerous buildings in Gilroy. When will this issue be corrected?
There is water leaking behind the Target store. Some of the main pipes that are adjacent to the street there have been leaking for quite some time and it's getting worse. Now there's a little stream of water coming from that area. Someone needs to get over there and fix it.
Is the city (or county) ever going to properly stripe the northbound lanes on Santa Teresa between Day Road East and Day Road West (in front of Christopher High School)? There are now faintly painted dots marking the lane separation. The problem is that if you stay in the only straight lane at the Day Road East intersection, you end up in the left turn lane that turns onto Day Road West. During rush hour, “unknowing” drivers get stuck in that left turn lane because “knowing” drivers slip over that dotted line into the right lane not allowing the “unknowing” driver to move to the right.
First Street in Gilroy between Monterey Road and Santa Teresa Boulevard is turning into a pot-holed disaster that needs immediate repaving. While I recognize that because it is Hwy. 152, this section of road is under the control of Caltrans, probably meaning nothing will happen for the next five years. Too bad that our beloved City Council appears to be powerless to exercise any influence on Caltrans to fix this section of road before it deteriorates further and makes driving it more unsafe. I'm wondering when First Street is going to be fixed.
While leaving the Camino Arroyo shopping center recently, I saw a woman panhandling at the entrance/exit between Kohl's and Panera. My concern was that she had a large dog with her. What I don't understand is, California state Penal Code Section 597. 1 states: "Every owner, driver, or keeper of any animal who permits the animal to be in any building, enclosure, lane, street, square, or lot of any city, county, city and county, or judicial district without proper care and attention is guilty of a misdemeanor." The statute also creates "a duty in peace officers, humane society officers, and animal control officers to cause the animal to be killed or rehabilitated and placed in a suitable home on information that the animal is stray or abandoned." Why aren't these dogs being taken away from owners so poor they cannot properly take care of themselves with daily food, water and shelter? Shouldn't the police, city employees, or animal control take the animal for the animal’s sake and try to find it a home?