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Gilroy, CA
Sunday, December 15, 2019
There's a big ugly dump truck that's been parked on the east side of Mantelli near Wren. It's been there for about a month and it's blocking the view of our beautiful park for our neighbors and us. We've called the city a couple of times and nothing's happened. The name on the truck is Back and Forth, LLC. I don't understand why the truck is able to park on city streets for weeks at a time without ever moving. Can you help with this?
Regarding the American flag that is flying over the McDonald's on Leavesley and Camino Arroyo near the Gilroy Premium Outlets: For the past week, maybe longer, the flag has appeared torn up. It looks so raggedy and disrespectful. I'm wondering why the manager or the owner of that McDonald's doesn't take care of it, or at least repair it. I've seen a lot of other people notice this, too. I think the management should be alerted to this and have the American flag waving, as it should be.
The two swimming pools at Gavilan College are scheduled for repairs. No one at Gavilan is able to explain the nature of these repairs. Can Red Phone help to answer the question: what is the timeline for the repair work and the target date to reopen the two swimming pools at Gavilan?

Yard Waste on Mantelli Drive

When we drive down the 1600 block Mantelli toward Santa Teresa, we have noticed two unsightly piles of cut, dried up tree branches left in the gutter and a Recology Yard Waste container—for many, many weeks.Each week when the garbage truck comes by or every other week when the street cleaner drives past, I would think they would report this unsightly mess but the debris and the yard waste container do not move!How do we get this mess removed from the street? If the house were unoccupied, I would think an agency handling this home would be alerted to this. I know of no other street in Gilroy where a condition like this has existed for this length of time.I look forward to a means to resolve this concern.Thank you, good caller, for bringing this situation to the attention of Red Phone. A solution is on the way as we speak. Red Phone contacted Karla Hill of South Valley Recology, which provides trash removal services for Gilroy.Hill said, “I spoke to our customer at this address. We discussed the yard waste [brush-bundles] on the ground. He said he would put the bundles inside the can. He is doing ‘landscape clean up’ in his backyard. When we discussed retrieving his containers from the street, he did not agree.”Hill said, “Recology does not pick up yard waste on the street. However we will pick up 3 feet by 3 feet bundles of small tree branches.”What about the law? Red Phone also contacted Gilroy Code Enforcement Officer, Scott Barron, about this situation. Barron said, “I have received a couple of complaints regarding this site. A violation notice was sent to them a week ago giving them a few days to clean up/remove the encroachment. If they don’t comply they could be cited.”Again, if you want to report any city violations, call Code Enforcement at 408-846-0264.
I would like to know if there is a city ordinance that states how many feet from a stop sign a tree can be. I can specifically name the corner of Sunrise Drive and Cooper Place and several others in that vicinity. Driving from Rancho Hills Drive towards Santa Teresa Blvd., there is a stop sign before Cooper that has a tree growing about 3 feet more or less in front of it. During the day you really have to look for the sign in order to see it and at night it’s hardly visible. Granted, the roadway alerts you to the stop ahead but it's dangerous not to see it. I drive this area quite frequently and have had occasions in which I have almost passed it. I'm sure someone not entirely familiar with the area could miss it. Most of the other stop signs do not have trees right in front of them so I wondered. Thank you for looking into it.
With all weather agencies predicting a 95 percent chance of a major El Nino this winter, has the city prepared itself by clearing all dried brush and debris located in the drains, spillways and culverts?
Hi, I am calling about the vacant lot between Alexander Street and the railroad tracks on 10th Street. The same lot that once was occupied by Nob Hill Foods and Indian Motorcycles. I realize that a growing number of homeless have relocated to Gilroy in desperate need of assistance. But, what I don’t understand is why these citizens have been allowed to destroy the property by cutting through a chain link fence on a main thoroughfare giving them full access to the property for the construction of a tent city made out of cardboard. Each day it grows bigger and bigger and nothing has been done to stop it. How is it that a city that opposes the use of flags and banners for small businesses think that this is okay? Thank you.
Yeah, it’s really amazing. I was reading the paper today about how a guy holding a white cross standing at a street corner is carded by a code enforcer for being unsafe and you get these street vendors on 6th and Church Street that are selling trays or racks of fruits, nuts, this and that, and nothing is ever done. Those people are all over the place and cars stop. These guys are illegally selling bags and cartons of fruit. Why isn’t code enforcement doing something about that? I think it’s wrong that people are selling fruit on street corners. It’s not right. Why isn’t code enforcement doing something about that?
There are a number of sanitation districts that are making treated water available to use for irrigation. I would like to set up a system at my place to use treated irrigation water, but have not heard anything about availability from either Morgan Hill or Gilroy. Does either city have any plans to make the water available? If not, what about Hollister, or another local city? It would be nice to be able to have a back lawn again.