RED PHONE: Dangerous curves

Red Phone: Low branches need to be cut

I have been a resident of Gilroy for over 77 years and am writing about the terrible condition of San Ysidro Road, the road going from Home Depot to Saint Louise Hospital. When I was growing up as a kid I remember it was a dirt road until the Gilroy Outlets were built. Someone should take a ride out there to see that portions of the road are popping up – in some places as much as six to seven inches out of the ground. Don Gage, our previous mayor, had the road patched but since then, the road has further deteriorated. I have been reading about other Gilroy roads that are slated for repair, like Swanston Lane which is a dead-end street. Why would we re-pave a dead-end street that hardly gets used when San Ysidro is in such great need?

Thank you, good caller, for notifying us of this important stretch of road that for so many is a direct route to St. Louise Hospital. When John Greer, senior maintenance worker, in the Public Works department was contacted, he quickly answered, “We will be making some temporary repairs to San Ysidro that are scheduled, but just waiting for funding. Also the city’s engineering team is planning to do some major repairs this spring to the SanYsidro / Las Animas / No Name Uno section of the road the goes to the hospital.”

David Stubchaer, operations manager and senior civil engineer for the city, responded to your question about why Swanston Lane is being worked on instead of San Ysidro, saying, “There is a water line replacement project on Swanston, but not a road project. San Ysidro is on the list of roads to address and is currently in design.”

We at Red Phone appreciate all that the Public Works team is doing to keep our roads maintained.