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December 1, 2023

Guest View: Law is bad for business and worse for workers

Every year I notice some legislators seeking community engagement by requesting ideas for new laws. This year I hope a bold lawmaker produces a program called, “There Ought to be a Law…Repealed!”  The 2018 law, known as the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, signed into law...

Guest View: Teaching youth the power of voting

Zach Hilton
Every generation has grown up being told that they, the youth, are the future. In American society, this means that the youth (theoretically) have the power to sway elections once they are of voting age.  Unfortunately, the youth vote has not always met its potential...

Guest View: Tempo is a local treasure

tempo kitchen and bar dan nancy nelson
In the heart of Downtown Gilroy lies a culinary treasure that has been enchanting residents and visitors alike for the past two years. Tempo Kitchen and Bar, born from the visionary minds of the dynamic duo, Dan and Nancy Nelson, recently celebrated its illustrious...

Mayor’s Update: Virtual public commenting dilutes Gilroy’s voices

Marie Blankley
City council meetings are the heart of local government. They are officially noticed by the City with a published agenda to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be aware of what’s being discussed and to witness live or recorded meetings and/or participate as...

Guest View: Unions make major push

This has been a year of labor unrest in California, a state in which unions represent a relatively small faction of the state’s workforce but wield great political power. The most obvious example is the protracted strikes of actors and writers in Southern California’s iconic...

Guest View: Now the work truly begins on housing

Zach Hilton
I am proud of the future housing plan that the Gilroy City Council, Planning Commission, staff and the public have approved.  We committed to advancing the 40 opportunity sites for multi-family homes, downtown expansion district and First Street mixed-use corridor flexibility program, 429 corner lots...

Buyers, be open-minded

homes hecker pass highway gilroy
The ever-continuous magic question: “Is now the right time to buy?” Is it?  My response has always stayed the same: “if the time is right for you.” How do you determine that in an ever-changing and evolving market? Many considerations, economics, interest rates and of...

Mayor’s Update: The ‘Builder’s Remedy’

Marie Blankley
With 40% of jurisdictions in California pending State approval as of June 30 on how well their local housing policies and programs comply with statewide goals, it’s no wonder that questions and concerns regarding the implications to our local communities continue to grow. I...

Guest View: While US economic outlook improves, California’s remains muddy

Late last month, the Federal Reserve announced the latest incremental raise in its key interest rate, pushing it to the highest level in 22 years, as it continues to battle what it calls persistent inflation. The increase, a quarter of 1%, renewed the debate among...

Mayor’s Update: On the Housing Element

Marie Blankley
As a lifelong resident of Gilroy (since 1964!) whose family comes from farming throughout Santa Clara County, I’ve lived through the change of our once prevalent orchards to today’s Silicon Valley. As Silicon Valley developed and job opportunities soared, so did the cry for...