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June 7, 2023

Guest View, Carol Marques: Spend energy on solutions, not negativity

By Carol Marques I was disappointed last week when I read a letter to the editor in the Dispatch which reinforced the negativity that is trending right now. The writer’s perceptions of the City of Gilroy lack the facts. Much of what he is concerned...

Mayor Marie Blankley: State of the City 2021

Thank you for joining me for Gilroy’s 2021 State of the City address, and as we celebrate Gilroy’s 150th anniversary year. I’m Mayor Marie Blankley, and I’m honored to be giving my first State of the City, albeit during an historic pandemic. Vaccinations are in progress,...

Valley Water moves closer to lowering Anderson Reservoir

By John Varela Early next month, Valley Water will take a significant step toward fixing Anderson Dam so it can safely withstand a large earthquake.  The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ordered Valley Water to begin lowering water levels in Anderson Reservoir starting Oct. 1. This effort...

Guest View, Victor Gomez: Sue-happy California ranks third worst

By Victor Gomez In my 17 years as a central coast franchise owner, I was always grateful for my community and the passion they had for supporting local family-owned businesses. Locally owned businesses, whether franchises or independent, are the backbone of our local and statewide...

Guest View, Mark Turner: Thank you, Chief Scot Smithee

By Mark Turner To Chief Scot Smithee, thank you for a job well done. I can’t imagine it’s an easy job being a cop. There are a lot of challenges that go along with being a member of law enforcement, especially these days. While the cop...

Local veteran releases children’s book about four-legged heroes

My goal in taking on this project and partnering with Mary to create this book was to drive awareness and generate additional revenue for Operation Freedom Paws. I wanted to help Mary continue her mission and grow her inspiring non-profit organization.

Guest View: Change the culture

By John Goldstein We don’t have a “rogue cop” problem in America. Let’s be clear on that. It was caught on video. That’s why it became of national interest.   Mr. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back as he went to get into his...

Guest View: Struggling artists take note—and take to social media

nacho moya art gallery and studio virtual paint social media
The past year and a half has been extremely hard on everyone, but it has been especially hard on small business owners. And according to Americans for the Arts, the arts were tremendously impacted by the pandemic, with an overall expected financial loss of...

Guest View: Valley Water gathering feedback on expansion of Pacheco Reservoir

The first few months of this rainfall season were below average across California, with drought conditions evident statewide. Although the Golden State received a much-needed soaking in late January, moderate drought conditions remain across Santa Clara County.  Valley Water remains focused on preparing for future...

Guest view: Amah Mutsun oppose building on Betabel land

For our tribe, the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, Betabel is much, much more than a vacant lot conveniently located by a Highway 101 offramp. Positioned at the confluence of the San Benito and Pajaro Rivers, where earthquake faults also meet, the Betabel area is a place of power where, for countless generations, our people came together for healing and renewal.