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August 8, 2020

Tag: gilroy high varsity volleyball coach

Shameful Garlic Festival theft and Hawaii calls

Stealing from the Garlic Festival – first the tickets from the office, then $18,000 from the cash box. Hopefully, the security measures in place – and there are solid security procedures – finger the suspect and, despite that person’s volunteer status, the Gilroy Police Department makes an arrest and prosecution takes place. It’s really no different than a parent club officer stealing from the school club. It’s very sad, but an ugly crime has been committed and that money belongs to our community organizations. Good news, though, after a ticket-by-ticket audit, the Garlic Festival found only three stolen tickets made it through the gates. Great job getting the word out to the public after the ticket theft. Often the tendency is to keep quiet, and 99.9 percent of the time it’s the way wrong call. Three tickets worth $50 got through – that’s a phenomenally good number after $12,000 worth of tickets were stolen.