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April 7, 2020

Tag: pit bull attack crime

Do you think the owner of the pit bull that attacked...

• Yes. Obviously the owner is responsible for his/her pet, and leaving the scene made it a much bigger crime in my mind. • Yes. If it is found that criminal laws apply. At the very least, he should be held civilly responsible and made to pay all damages. It is one thing to behave irresponsibly by allowing a dangerous dog off leash. It is entirely different to cowardly run and hide to avoid  responsibility. • No. Sometimes dogs get provoked even with the best training. I would suggest the owner get heavily fined and any medical payments be taken care of by the owner. • Yes. Owners are responsible for the actions of their minor children and their pets. In this case it should be charged as assault to commit bodily harm and whatever else, hopefully more than a misdemeanor. • Yes. Possession and misuse of a dangerous weapon in public. • It is not up to me to rewrite the law, so if a crime according to what is on the books has been done then, yes. I do understand there are some misdemeanors that should be assessed to this individual, which should certainly be applied. Also there is also the possibility of a civil lawsuit that could be applied by the victim. • Of course! Last time I checked we are all personally responsible for everything we own, right? Why would the actions of a dog be any different. • Definitely. If he was in public with an aggressive dog, no matter the breed, he should have had him secure with a good leather harness and leash to control him. Instead, he carelessly had no control and an innocent woman with her precious little pet were attacked. He is the one at fault, not his dog. • Absolutely yes! Aggressive dogs (no matter what the breed) need to be kept away from all public places. If someone wants an aggressive guard dog for their property, they must keep them behind safe, un-jumpable fences or on a chain. In addition, ALL dogs in Gilroy must be on a leash at all times unless they are in the Las Animas Dog Park. That includes 10-pound cuties as well as 120 pound dogs.  Why is it so hard for residents to keep their dogs on a leash??? It’s the law, and when this law is broken, the results can be traumatic and deadly! • Yes, certainly. Reckless endangerment, dog-off-leash, leaving the scene of an accident, malicious mischief. He should be liable for all of his victim’s expenses and maybe some pain and suffering (yes, civil court awaits him, too). • Absolutely! If for no other reason he left the scene like a coward! • If a crime is being really dumb/and or clueless about how people feel about dogs, on a leash or not, then yes.