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September 28, 2020

Tag: wildlife education and rehabilitation center

Opossum now on the education outreach team

Welcome Uno, the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center’s new educational opossum. He originally arrived at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley on the Fourth of July, a tiny pink baby weighing only 30 grams (the weight of four grapes.)

Don’t call them seagulls

A resident in a north Morgan Hill neighborhood glanced into her backyard and discovered a California gull running around in circles and thought that maybe it was injured or sick. So the kind lady captured the bird and quickly brought it to the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center. WERC staff could find no obvious injuries and the bird acted very alert and feisty. It was transferred to a flight enclosure with a small swimming pool. And then it became immediately apparent that the gull was actually just a big baby, although adult-sized and fully feathered and “thisclose” to flying.

Injured falcon found in field

’Twas the fortnight before Christmas when Steve Johnson was putting up festive Christmas decorations outside his home in San Martin and witnessed something strange going on in the field next door. Walking over, he discovered an injured juvenile peregrine falcon on the ground, with some turkey vultures circling it with curiosity. Steve rescued the 15-inch long raptor and brought it to the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center.

17th annual auction fundraiser: WERC on the weekend

The Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center held its 17th annual Barbecue and Auction Saturday. The organization uses this event to not only recognize its sponsors and volunteers, but also allow the public to bid on various donated prizes in auction while educating them to respect nature.

WERC rescues golden eagle

A golden eagle has the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center to thank for his life.