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December 1, 2021

Police arrest man wanted for assault, gang affiliation

Early this morning, Gilroy Police Department executed a search warrant on the 7300 block of Old Gilroy Drive in Gilroy for Robert Birrueta, 21, who was wanted on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and participating in a criminal street gang.

Charles (Chuck) Prandi

Club affiliations include Military.

Spotlight on …An Evening with Chuck D

An Evening with Chuck D

Alive and thriving

Although it’s important to focus on physical health, it’s equally vital to take time to work on your mental health. Here are some ways to develop a steely mental resolve.Get movingExercise in any form—whether it’s running, cycling or strength training—releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins. The benefits of exercise are endless, but none is more important than this: it causes more neurons to be formed in the hippocampus, which is a key brain region for learning, memory, and mood regulation, according to a article.In addition to creating new brain cells, exercise also helps ward off anxiety and depression. J. Kip Mathews, a doctor and sport/exercise psychologist, explained how exercise helps us to deal with stress in a health story: “What appears to be happening is that exercise affords the body an opportunity to practice responding to stress, streamlining the communication between the systems involved in the stress response. The less active we become, the more challenged we are in dealing with stress.”The art of positivitySpeaking of stress, why worry about things we can’t control? Don’t get me wrong, stress in doses is actually beneficial, as it makes us mentally tougher every time we handle and overcome an adverse situation. However, regularly being stressed out is toxic to our mind, body and health.Focusing on the positive—and not dwelling on the negative—will go a long way toward handling stress and dealing with it in a productive manner. For those who are more process-oriented, it helps to journal about a situation. This is one form of mindfulness, which helps a person cope with difficult thoughts and emotions, according to a health article.Surrounding yourself with people who provide support and finding a social group with interests similar to your own are also critical to establishing positive emotions and boosting mood.Get to bed—nowWhen it comes to optimal mental health, getting a good night’s rest is paramount. Poor sleep plays havoc on the brain in a number of ways. Ever notice you’re a little more irritable, cranky and liable to snap at a moment’s notice during a state of exhaustion? That’s because sleep affects our emotional state, while also regulating our decision-making, memories and our cognitive skills.So if you’re not getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night, power off all electronics, turn off the lights and make sleep a priority—your mental health depends on it.

GOLF: Annual Gilroy Golf Course Adult-Junior tourney set for Sept. 25

The 9-hole scramble and 9-hole alternate shot tournament is for

San Martin garbage fire burns about 100 tons of material

Crews from five area fire departments were up all night extinguishing a giant garbage fire at the San Martin Transfer Station Friday, according to authorities. The cause of the fire at the garbage and recycling facility at 14070 Llagas Ave. is undetermined, but investigators do not think it was intentional, according to CalFire Battalion Chief Brandon Leitzke. The blaze burned in a pit of garbage and recyclable materials inside a roughly 5,000-square-foot metal building that is open on two sides to allow heavy equipment to sort through the discarded items for processing, Leitzke said. About 100 tons of garbage burned, but the fire only caused “minimal” damage to the building itself. Crews from CalFire, the South Santa Clara County Fire District and the Morgan Hill, Gilroy and San Jose fire departments worked through the night Friday and into Saturday morning to extinguish the fire, Leitzke said. The fire started just after 7 p.m. Friday. A firefighter injured his wrist while fighting the fire, Leitzke said. That was the only injury resulting from the incident. The San Martin Transfer Station is owned and operated by Recology South Valley. That company’s general manager, Phil Couchee, said they had to close the site to drop-offs from the public for a couple days, but they expect to reopen by Monday afternoon. “The firefighters did an outstanding job to contain (the fire) and manage it,” Couchee said. 

Magazine founder faces sexual assault charges

A man starting a monthly glossy magazine featuring South