Red Phone: Locations of fireworks booths

“Hello. I noticed there are a bunch of fireworks booths set up throughout the city. It seems like they are everywhere. Why are there so many and who gets all the money from them?”

Red Phone: Dear Ready To Celebrate, There are 16 booths set up around the city run by nonprofit groups. These groups use the firework sales as a fundraiser for their organizations. Because Gilroy is the only city in the county that allows safe and sane fireworks to be purchased and lit, a lot of people come down here to celebrate with friends.

There only a few cities left in the Bay Area that even allow safe fireworks. In Monterey County, Santa Cruz County and San Benito County, the only cities to allow them are Watsonville, Seaside, Marina, Salinas, Hollister, Gonzales, Greenfield and Soledad.

The City of Gilroy always puts on a great firework show with big fireworks that you can’t light on your own without paying thousands of dollars in fines if caught. The 20-minute show begins at 9:30 p.m. Monday.  The show is at Gilroy High School, but you’ll be able to see them if you have a good seat at Christmas Hill Park as well.,-121.568334&spn=0.023991,0.036478&z=14&output=embed”>

/>View,-121.568334&spn=0.023991,0.036478&z=14&source=embed” style=”color:#0000FF;text-align:left”>Fireworks booths in Gilroy in a larger map

Follow-up on weeds

Red Phone: Red Phone received a call earlier this year on weeds causing visibility problems when exiting Highway 101 south and turning right onto Monterey Road. The weeds were removed after the rain stopped. We received another call recently about the same area. Since then, Caltrans has cut the weeds to provide more visibility for drivers making the right turn.

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