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Colleen Grzan


Miss Violet O’Possum

By Colleen Grzan

Haunting Owls

Halloween seems to bring out the creativity in pet owners who make the cutest, cleverest, and funniest costumes for their dogs, big and small, to parade around in. There are even costumes for feline pets, but I wouldn’t try putting one any of on my own cats unless I planned to look like a flesh-torn zombie afterward.

Finding Swainson’s Hawk

Even after 13 years of rehabilitating countless songbirds, raptors, reptiles and assorted mammals, there are still some “mystery critters.” Sometimes it’s because they’re too young to identify, other times because it’s such an unusual animal (to me or to our locality).

Birds of the South Valley

The South Bay is abundant with an astonishing variety of avian life. The captivating hobby of birdwatching allows you to discover and appreciate the marvelous diversity of wildlife all around us. At the water’s edge you may see a majestic Great Blue Heron or a reclusive American Bittern; you will learn how to tell the difference between Great and Snowy Egrets; you might be surprised by a crested blue-and-white Belted Kingfisher suddenly diving into the water and emerging with a fish.

Baby Lesser Goldfinch

Springtime is when wildlife rehabilitators across the country are inundated with wild babies of all kinds. Many of these turn out to be unnecessary rescues by well-intentioned, kind-hearted people. A lot of seemingly abandoned young are actually being cared for by their parents.

Don’t call them seagulls

A resident in a north Morgan Hill neighborhood glanced into her backyard and discovered a California gull running around in circles and thought that maybe it was injured or sick. So the kind lady captured the bird and quickly brought it to the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center. WERC staff could find no obvious injuries and the bird acted very alert and feisty. It was transferred to a flight enclosure with a small swimming pool. And then it became immediately apparent that the gull was actually just a big baby, although adult-sized and fully feathered and “thisclose” to flying.

Escar-gone: Mysterious Gilroy snail-kill probed

GILROY— Sleuths at the Santa Clara County Agricultural Commissioner’s office are investigating the mysterious deaths of at least 1,000 European brown snails in a Gilroy business park.

Tree City trouble

When Gilroy resident Dave Lima saw a tree-trimming crew hacking away at a 52-inch-wide oak on the picturesque foothills of northwest Gilroy Jan. 10, he believed he'd stumbled upon an illegal activity.

Avian Cholera

by Colleen Grzan, [email protected]

WERC rescues golden eagle

A golden eagle has the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center to thank for his life.