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July 30, 2021

Tag: operation interdependence

Letters to the Editor: Day Road needs sidewalk, donate to overseas...

Day Road sidewalk could save a life It is time we address the lack of a sidewalk on Day Road leading from Monterey Highway to...

Volunteer group asks public to help write letters for the military

For nearly two decades, volunteers have packed boxes filled with goodies and shipped them to troops overseas, hoping to give them a taste of...

Spread the sweetness: Treats for Troops

After a successful "Treats for Troops" drive last November when 761 students at Las Animas Elementary pooled approximately 554.5 pounds of candy for a good cause, they're at it again and inviting the community to join in on the sweet gesture.

One violin tune that inspires real sympathy

Anyone who has witnessed the students in the violin program at Antonio Del Buono Elementary School perform has to marvel at the discipline and talent. There are “wee” little ones who intently pluck the strings and slide across the instrument and there are the “older” students who are practiced and can “feel” the music. The program, born in 1999 and founded by teacher Lori Franke, is on the chopping block. Half the budget will vanish. That’s $17,000 gone. So, MayorAl and good guy garlic chefs Sam Bozzo and Gene Sakahara are throwing a dinner at 6 p.m. Friday (tonight) at the IFDES Lodge-Portuguese Hall at 250 Old Gilroy St. Call (650) 305-0168 for tickets or buy at the door. It’s $25 pasta, bread, salad and the amazing young violinists – plus the good feeling in your stomach that you get when you lend a hand.

Celebrate Military Appreciation Month: Donate to Operation Interdependence

May is Military Appreciation Month, which means there’s no time like now to support servicemen and women by donating to Operation Interdependence.

Simple way to let soldiers overseas know we care

It’s about 2,263 miles from Gilroy to Nashville, TN. That seems like another universe when you get a call from your daughter who’s in college telling you she’s been hit by a drunk driver in a car accident. Cayla’s OK, fortunately, getting over the sore and scary parts, the sirens, the ambulance and the late-night visit to the hospital. They arrested the guy on the spot. The officers told him to take his cowboy boots off before walking the line, he staggered around, fell, tossed the boots and failed, Cayla said. She had been studying for a pediatrics nursing test at a coffee shop and headed home when he smashed into her. Hug your kids, call them, tell them you love them and try to remember that life can change in an instant.