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October 22, 2020

Tag: red phone

Red Phone: Dead Trees at Christopher High

I have noticed that there are approximately 20 trees that are either dead or dying, along with much of the landscaping at Christopher High School. I assume that this is due to lack of water. I think it’s ridiculous that in order to save a little water, the district is letting tens of thousands of dollars in landscaping die. Our tax dollars paid for the landscaping and they are always asking for more. GUSD, how about being good stewards with the money and resources you have been given?

Where are the Chirps for Blind People?

I recently took a trip up to Camino Arroyo near Costco, where I had my tires replaced. With an hour or so to burn, I took a walk with my kids and discovered that none of the crosswalks included an audible chirp when it was time to cross. Neither was there an accompanying voice to notify the walker, or a blind person, for that matter, that it was safe to move. These are such busy intersections—it doesn't make sense that there are no guides to help people to prepare to cross. Traversing one of these intersections without enough time is dangerous and with two kids in tow, I could have easily missed my moment. What would it take to get an audible signal at these crosswalks?

What’s Up with Illegal Swimming at Christmas Hill Park

This is about Silva’s Crossing in the creek by Christmas Hill Park. There are “No Swimming” signs posted, but when I walked there today I saw about 40 people swimming there. I wasn't aware it was a swimming hole. It’s also a protected creek, so I don’t know why Gilroy Police Department doesn’t get those people out of there and enforce the “No Swimming” signs that are posted on the property.

Flashing lights at Third and Santa Teresa

I’d like to comment about the construction work at the intersection of Third and Santa Teresa. All weekend long and in the evenings when the workers are not there, they leave a flashing red light going in both directions. I can understand this while workers are present, but on evenings and weekends they ought to change it to a flashing yellow light for north- and southbound traffic on Santa Teresa and a flashing red light for people trying to get out of homes on Third Street. It’s bad enough they had to block off Third Street going east, but having the flashing red light north and south on Santa Teresa creates a traffic backup almost all the way to First Street.

Street racing on Santa Teresa

There’s a growing problem with evening and night street racing on Santa Teresa, from around First Street north toward Christopher High. Usually beginning at 10 p.m. or so, the noise from Santa Teresa becomes ridiculous: squealing tires, loud music, shouting (between “contestants”?) and engine revving as they wait for the green light at Mantelli that seems to be the starting line. Our property backs up to Santa Teresa and we’re accustomed to the normal traffic sounds, which are bearable. This racing though is so loud and so potentially disastrous that something needs to be done. There were even large circular “doughnut” tire marks noted one morning a couple weeks ago at the corner of Mantelli and Poplar. I filed a non-emergency police report about this several months ago, but the races continue. One of these days, this is going to lead to tragedy. Anything you can do to help will be appreciated by all in the neighborhood, as well as pedestrians and passing motorists.

Noisy exhaust systems

Modified exhaust systems are obnoxious and illegal. They’re on those little cars that zoom past your house and sound like a 100 Harley Davidsons at full throttle. You hear them for blocks as they wind down to the next stop sign. This new activity seems to be spreading fast. These cars are easy for the police to spot and ticket. Can we please get some enforcement of this law?

Blight on Camino Arroyo

About a month ago I contacted the Outlets management group about the weeds growing on Camino Arroyo between the two sections of the Outlets, and they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. I was wondering if maybe this is the city’s issue. I must say it looks really bad out there, especially considering a lot people come from out of town to go to the Outlets in particular. To have the weeds taller than 12 feet is unbelievably tacky and an eyesore.

Tall weeds on Gurries Drive

We have a big weed problem next door. No one cleaned it up last year. We do not know who owns the property. If someone throws a match, the whole block could go. We don’t know how to get in touch with anyone. I wish we could have someone look into this for us. The property is on the 300 block of Gurries Drive. I’m really worried about it.

Vandalism keeps CHS track closed to public

A while back I wrote to the Red Phone asking when GUSD administration was going to open the CHS (padded) track to us runners/taxpayers so we can save our knees. You did your research and we were promised it was going to happen after the signage was completed and after the grand opening of the facility. Both of those things are completed and the track isn’t open to the public. Could you please hold the school district accountable to their promise? As a homeowner who pays property taxes, I will not support their upcoming Bond Measure if I can't use the tracks at CHS & GHS!

Rebuttal to roadwork schedule

I would like to make a rebuttal to some of the comments made the Gilroy city street engineer regarding the projects along Santa Teresa and Luchessa. He says the city doesn't have control over the schedule for the projects being executed by developers. I ask, why not? The developers have to file a building permit with a completion date. I think that was a non-legitimate answer.