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Gilroy, CA
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Hi neighbors. In no way do I want this to come across as some narcissistic ploy to talk about myself. However, sometimes I wonder about my neighbors and so I figured I'd share a little bit of my story.
Hi neighbors. In no way do I want this to come across as some narcissistic ploy to talk about myself. However, sometimes I wonder  about my neighbors and so I figured I’d share a little bit of my story. I’ve been married for 24 years to my high school sweetheart (Santa Clara High), we had our daughter Chelsea at only 20 years old.
I’ve never had so much fun in my life before I moved to Gilroy, seven years ago. I used to live in San Jose—where neighbors were cordial but where we all stayed to ourselves. On the weekends my husband and I either entertained close friends at our home or visited these same friends at their homes across town. My life revolved around my job and family life (all good things) without any interaction with my community. I often felt like City government and issues were miles away from me and that I was just an onlooker in my community.
I read Successful Smaller Downtowns & Business Districts: What Every Businessperson, Property Owner, and Municipal Official Should Know, by John L. Gann Jr., and got some inspirations for downtown Gilroy.
by Zachery Hilton
For months there has been controversy swirling around the potential advent of High Speed Rail in our community. Many people wish it would not come at all. Others have been hoping for more details about how it will effect Gilroy, which have been lacking until recently.
President Trump’s damaging budget proposal would slash government programs critical to families, students, and businesses on the central coast of California.

Guest Column: New Signs Make Welburn Safer

The turn restrictions at the corner of Welburn Avenue and Mantelli Avenue are making Upper Welburn Avenue safer. The signs restricting turns are a result of four years of communication with city staff, extensive study by city traffic engineers, and three unanimous decisions by the Gilroy City Council.

Guest Column: How Can We End Poverty?

We are living in a time when knowledge is rapidly acquired and spread in society. Our cell phones give even the average citizen instant access to the entirety of human knowledge. Yet, with all this knowledge that has improved the lives of many, we still have not adequately addressed the problem of poverty that plagues so many. What is most distressing is the fact that we have allowed poverty and its effects on people to remain hidden.

Guest Column: Earth Day Anniversary

April 22nd marks the 47th Earth Day -- a day created to celebrate our planet, environment, and wildlife. Every Californian has a story to tell about how nature has made their lives richer. For some, it is regional food, lakes and rivers, or a beloved local park. For others, it is the ties to ranches, working farms, forests, or our magnificent public lands. The ecosystem is one of California’s greatest assets. We have a unique and diverse climate and geography, and some of the most diverse and extraordinary plants and wildlife in the world.