In negotiations, what should the city’s final salary offer to police officers be?


• 1.5% to 3% depending on the benefits package. As it stands, the benefits package is so comprehensive it would be more than fair to offer a 1.5% cost of living increase. That said, I do appreciate very much all that our GPD does for our community and they should be compensated fairly. • 1.5%. I also feel that the police should be paying into their pension and medical programs and not expect taxpayers to pay them for the rest of their lives. • No raise. It’s too soon to come out! This is going to be a long and bumpy recovery. • 1.5%, just to show appreciation for what they do.  Any other increases should be on an individual basis based on performance. • No raise. During difficult times, every employee of the city should understand that sacrifices must be made by all.  For instance, Boise, Idaho’s police department have already decided to give up a 2.5% raise they were going to receive in October, 2012. This move will save their city $1.2 million.  We all need to step up to help our community. • Out here in real life, especially in the non-profit world (I think the city
is non-profit, right?), we’ve all had 0% to tiny raises for the last three to five years. With the potential financial tough times ahead, no raise to 1.5% should be it. I hope and pray that the unions can see the public relations crisis they invoke when they appear selfish to the point of slitting open the goose that laid the golden egg. • No raise. I understand that they will argue that they already made concessions, but pay and benefits were already way out of wack. We need some more time for these compensation packages to even out with the rest of us. • 1.5% plus the medical benefits they already get which have gone up more than 3% this year. • They should receive no raise. Teachers in our community have not received a raise (they have instead received pay cuts) since 2007. Do we value police more than teachers? • No raise. In fact, the pursuit of reductions in the cost of benefits to the taxpayers via increased employee contributions for retirement and medical benefits should be the city’s goal.


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