I’m writing to the Gilroy Dispatch and Morgan Hill Times to commend Michael Moore’s reporting about the San Martin Airport. The articles were well-written and provided much-needed information about the potential consequences of airport expansion plans. 

Regularly visiting a retirement home on Church Avenue near the southern extent of the present runway, I can attest to the air and noise pollution generated by the airport operations. Depending upon the wind direction and intensity, I can taste the engine exhaust. Nearby horse boarding facilities and produce farms must certainly be concerned about the future prospects of many more flight operations. Everyone should be worried about purchasing locally grown cherries or olives being subject to increasing levels of airborne lead drenchings on their fresh fruit. 

The April results of lead studies will shed additional light on the issue, but common sense, as well as our senses of smell, hearing and taste already know the effects of lead and noise pollution. The challenge will come when common sense confronts economic “cents.”

Mike Monroe,


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