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May 21, 2024

#GilroyStrong is community response to festival shootings

As the 41st annual Garlic Festival was in full swing, Christopher Ranch’s executive vice president, Ken Christopher told the Gilroy Dispatch that this year could potentially change the festival forever. With bigger-name celebrities than ever before, Christopher’s most pressing concern on the festival’s second day...

Cedar Fair will not sell Great America, Gilroy Gardens management stays in place

GILROY - Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, which owns California's Great America amusement park in Santa Clara and manages Gilroy Gardens, will not be selling Great America to a San Francisco real estate company as announced in September.

Hecker Pass attracts more retail, housing

A San Jose developer will be seeking city approval this year for restaurants, retail shops, residences and a winery building near Hecker Pass Road. The Gilroy Planning Commision and City Council will review the application from Hecker Pass Commercial LLC for final approval with the...

Politicos attack Santa Clara County redistricting map

As Santa Clara County lawmakers prepare to approve new political boundaries, some local politicians are raising complaints about the process. The Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 earlier this month to advance a proposal for redistricting the county's five political boundaries, choosing the so-called Yellow Map...

Great Wolf tries to sell water park hotel to Gilroy

Gilroy's city council released a statement Wednesday that it has launched into a 60-day exclusive negotiation with the national Great Wolf Lodges, a hotel and water park resort.

City water, sewer rates


Gilroy keeps out cannabis sales

Unlike what’s going on in neighboring Hollister, the green dreams of pot entrepreneurs in Gilroy are drying up. The city has already legislated against medical marijuana dispensaries and will take action in the next few weeks to ban recreational growing and sales of cannabis. “We have...

City Council matches demographics

Gilroy is becoming increasingly Latino, according to new census reports, and its elected officials match the city’s shifting demographics. The re-election of Peter Leroe-Muñoz as the Gilroy City Council’s fourth Latino member may enable the city to avoid the kind of dramatic shift to district...

Cities oppose Senate housing plans

California city leaders have long prided themselves on the growth plans and housing requirements tailormade for their cities. Gilroy has its own growth measure passed in 2016: Measure H. Now municipalities across California fear their planning could be put to an end if the state...

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