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March 3, 2024

Religion: Have you noticed those curious-looking structures?

Rabbi Mendel Liberow
A few of you may have noticed the curious-looking structure that popped up outside my home recently. No, we did not embark on an overnight house expansion project. What you saw is our sukkah—a temporary structure that is the highlight of the weeklong holiday...

Congregation Emeth prepares to celebrate High Holy Days

The sound of the shofar, a trumpet-like blast made by blowing on a ram’s horn, will ring through Congregation Emeth in Morgan Hill for the upcoming High Holy Day services. Congregation Emeth, serving southern Santa Clara County, will be offering a variety of High Holy...

Rabbi Mendel Liberow: Celebrate Chanukah

Rabbi Mendel Liberow
We’re about to celebrate one of my most favorite Jewish holidays: Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, which begins Dec. 18 and runs through Dec. 26. It’s my favorite because more than any other Jewish holiday, Chanukah is all about celebrating our freedom to live proudly...

Religion: Guard My Speech

How powerful words are! Rabbi Seymour J Cohen wrote: “Words can inspire, destroy, console us, entice us. Throughout history words promoted hatred, murder, even wars! How many politicians permanently had their careers ended by false rumors and innuendos!” Each of us have experienced the power...