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July 20, 2024

Letter: No need to develop 1,300 acres of ag land

A major report by University of California, Berkeley scientists

Letter: We should shoot for the stars

Be grateful for what you get!!!  That was the message Councilmember Cline gave to the citizens of Gilroy in last week’s Dispatch (April 12 edition). I am happy that he has kept abreast of the Gourmet Alley project for the past 18 months and...

3 letters: There go your private property rights … Agenda 21; Who needs Romney’s recovery?; Send bullet train back to the ballot

‘This means that you, Fido, and your prize petunia now have equal rights …’

Vote ‘No’ on Proposition 56


Bad news: Iowa caucus, Congress payouts

Iowa caucus is a disservice to voters

Letter: Keep the arts alive

Art saves lives. Healthy communities have a healthy art scene. From Chicago to Boston to Washington, D.C., to Laguna Beach to San Luis Obispo and now to Gilroy, I have seen and participated in “the magic of art.” Gilroy is a canvas just waiting for more...