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October 1, 2023

Red Phone: Christmas in the park?

“I was just walking through Miller Park. It is a little gem. It has mature Christmas-like trees like cypress and redwood. So do many of our bigger parks like Christmas Hill. I notice we keep putting that artificial tree that is getting pretty raggedy up downtown. Wouldn’t it be nice if we use one of our living beautiful trees in our neighborhood parks? I know downtown needs all the help it can get. But what an opportunity we have with some of these little gems of a park.”

Red Phone: Dear Local Winter Wonderland, While it’s probably too late to decorate a tree or trees in the park in addition to the one the Downtown Association decorates, your suggestion could be something to consider for the future. A local park could be turned into a smaller version of the popular Christmas in the Park held each year in downtown San Jose. It wouldn’t need to be as elaborate but it could be something the community could rally around.

There haven’t been any talks around the city to decorate a tree  because of the lack of a budget for it, said city Public Information Officer Joe Kline. So it would need to be something a community organization picks up. It’s never too early to start planning for next year.

Speaking of decorations, we want to see how your home or yard has been transformed for the holidays. Send your decorated home photos to [email protected] and we’ll feature them in our online map.

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