“What is that odor in the morning in south Gilroy? I live about a half mile from your office, so you can probably smell it, too. Sometimes its so bad I stay inside. It’s not every morning and it’s usually gone by noon.”

 and …

 “Sorry, I’m kind of new here, but what is that awful smell hanging in the air some mornings? (no, not the garlic, we like that). Smells like the inside of a trash can. In all seriousness, this does not help our property values, and maybe not our health.”

Red Phone: Dear That Ain’t Garlic, There are a number of smells that loft through the Gilroy air, most of which are from agricultural production. When the wind is right, people in the southern area of the town can smell the Z-Best Composting Facility, located between Gilroy and Hollister on Highway 25. They can receive up to 1,000 tons of yard waste per day and up to 350 tons of solid waste and food waste a day, according to the company’s website.
During cold weather, the smell gets stronger, said Greg Ryan, Z-Best general manager.
“The clear, cold weather conditions we are currently experiencing often create an inversion layer that keeps odors from our facility and several other nearby facilities from dissipating during the night and early morning hours,” he said.
Z-Best is regulated by the California Environmental Protection Agency and by Santa Clara County, Ryan said.
“County inspectors visit the site regularly to ensure that all regulations are strictly adhered to, including all odor related material management practices,” he said. “Z-Best adheres to a variety of material management practices to minimize odors generated by our facility. We will continue to do everything we can to minimize odor impacts during these unusual conditions.”

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