Memorial: temporary, or permanent?

Gilroy Mayor Roland Velasco had said in August that the city intended that a palm tree memorial in Christmas Hill Park near where a gunman opened fire on a Gilroy Garlic Festival crowd be strictly temporary, until a more permanent plan was developed. Three festival goers were killed and 14 injured in the tragedy.
Nearly three months later, when the Gilroy Dispatch asked individual City Council members about a more permanent memorial, they showed little interest.
Colorful stones have been placed at the memorial by school children. The Parks Department has completed the design, adding three banners of blue flags, plus braids of heavy rope. A bronze plaque was placed in the ground last month, with the names of three young people who died there.
The Paper Crane Peace Project of the 7/20 Memorial Foundation in Aurora, Colo., gave the city a wreath of paper cranes exemplifying “intentions of peace, love and hope.”
“Folding these cranes and assembling this wreath has given us an experience that was very healing, and we present it to you in hopes that the healing will continue,” the foundation wrote.
Gilroy landscape architect Karen Aitken designed the memorial.