3 letters: Finding 15-year-old Sierra LaMar; Why don’t Gilroy schools participate in free-throw competition?; Rush Limbaugh’s humiliating comments


A burning hope expressed in poetic form for the safe finding of 15-year-old Sierra LaMar

Dear Editor,
With hills so green,
And skies so blue;
It’s hard to imagine,
This could happen to you.
In an unexpected moment,
You vanished into thin air.
The search now raging on;
The whole town knelt in prayer.
With no clue in sight,
And no trace of your whereabouts;
The authorities hunting for you,
Have growing fears and doubts.
As worries reach their climax,
And hearts ache and moan;
This hope burning like a flame,
Will not cease until you’re home.
Marin Heacock, Morgan Hill, 15

Most Gilroy schools shun a wholesome and fun free-throw competition for no good reason

Dear Editor,
The state finals of the Knights of Columbus free throw contest for boys and girls ages 10 to 14 was held Saturday, March 17 in Sanger. The contest matches winners from 10 districts in California in all age groups. The local council had two contestants who were regional winners, but were unable to compete in the state finals due to other dates committed. In the 2011 state contest, the local council had a 14-year-old girl who was crowned the state champion.
The reason for this letter is that of the 14 schools in the Gilroy Unified School District, only four chose to compete in the free throw contest. Schools that did not compete stated it did not fit their activity schedule. This contest is one that offers boys and girls a chance to show their skills.
Yet, due to the contest not fitting the school’s programs, these students did not have a chance in this annual event held nationwide by the Knights of Columbus. Parents and students who could not compete because their schools did not show any interest, should make their thoughts known to school administrators.
For those who care, schools competing in the 2012 contest were St. Mary’s, El Roble, Las Animas and Solorsano.
Bud Riewerts, Gilroy, Knights of Columbus #2469

Rush Limbaugh’s humiliating sex-based comments were way, way over the decorum line

Dear Editor,
In response to Fred Oliveri’s letter (March 20) I am asking if the writer could answer this question honestly: Would he feel the same way if his daughter, mother, sister, or wife, stepped up to do what they thought was right, testified in Congress and then was personally attacked over a three-day period?
What is she were called a horrible bunch of names and subjected to the demand that her sex life be filmed and shown to the man (Rush Limbaugh) because someone could not afford medication (hormones) to treat a ovarian cyst?
Remember this was done on a nationally broadcast radio program and names were used. I realize that he is not a woman, but ovarian cysts are treated with estrogen, one of the ingredients in birth control pills. I just tried to post this with the names that Rush Limbaugh used to humiliate Ms. Fluke and the program won’t allow it because of profanity!
Your columnist Lisa Pampuch did a great job!
By the way, I plan on attending the meeting of the Morgan Hill/Gilroy “Patriots” on Thursday!
Swanee Edwards, Morgan Hill


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