Besides piling up cash in the bank, what are the priorities?



1. The city’s reserves keep growing, but what are Council’s priorities?

Other than piling up cash in the city’s bank account, what should the City Council do with the growing reserve fund?

First, let’s acknowledge that Gilroy has done a wonderful job of making public safety a priority, so we’ll set that aside because it’s a given on every list.

There’s no shortage of items that can be addressed with $10 million or more, but what consensus has the City Council reached? None that are clear.

Other than Mayor Al Pinheiro’s call for building paseos downtown, the priority list is fuzzy. It would be a good topic to address formally at a public meeting.


 2. Fixing the streets and sidewalks might be at the top of the list

Is overall city beautification a priority? If so, what projects would accomplish that? What about recreation programs? Fees have risen, opportunities have shrunk with the cutbacks at City Hall. Perhaps that should be reversed and the question of whether or not recreation programs – particularly youth  programs – constitute public safety answered.

Maybe fixing the streets and sidewalks top the list. Potholes, uneven pavement and heaving sidewalks aren’t “sexy” issues, but often those are top of mind for residents. What about it City Council?


 3. Is improving downtown worthy of financial support? If so, how?

Downtown improvements are one area that’s been a constant focus, too. Is this an area where the financial rubber meets the road? Low cost loans to rehabilitate unreinforced masonry buildings? Money for staging downtown events?

What about support for the arts? Does that make the reserve list and, if so, how?

Putting together a list for discussion purposes would be a good place to start. Before the opportunity passes to put some reserve cash to good use, the Council ought to do something


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