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July 24, 2024

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New diversion tunnel under construction at Anderson Dam

Valley Water crews have dug about 160 feet into a giant tunnel that will be able to divert massive volumes of water out of...

Newsom vetoes Anderson Dam bill

Valley Water this week began draining Anderson Reservoir in preparation for a seismic retrofit of the body’s dam in east Morgan Hill, but Gov. Gavin Newsom also vetoed a state assembly bill that would have expedited the project that the water district has been planning for more than 10 years.

Valley Water moves closer to lowering Anderson Reservoir

By John Varela Early next month, Valley Water will take a significant step toward fixing Anderson Dam so it can safely withstand a large earthquake.  The...

Feds order draining of Anderson Reservoir

Federal engineers have ordered Valley Water to speed up its plans to drain and replace the Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill, citing earthquake dangers. In...

Busy boating: Anderson Reservoir training

Water rescue training is scheduled for today at Anderson Reservoir in what's being anticipated as a "busy" boating season for summer 2014.

MH to host meeting on Anderson Dam retrofit project

Experts are in the process of evaluating the design alternatives to retrofit Anderson Dam, which has been classified as seismically unsound. 

Anderson closed for boating Saturday due to low water level

Due to the low water level in Anderson and Coyote reservoirs, boating will be suspended at both reservoirs on Oct. 6. To mitigate the reservoirs’ early closure, the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department will increase boating days at Calero, and keep Stevens Creek and Lexington reservoirs open on weekends and holidays in order to provide options for recreational boaters and anglers.  

$75M shake-up, Anderson Dam fixes shoots up

Although still in the planning stages, the potential price tag for the Anderson Dam retrofit project was bumped up from $110 million to an estimated $185 million.