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April 2, 2020

Tag: cat’s meow

Coalie Cat

My Mother, who died this summer used to say, “She’s just an old black cat.” She was right about that, but she has a special place in my heart.


We adopted Hunter from the San Martin animal shelter a year ago.


We have a tradition in our family to not wait for funerals to honor those we love but to share what that person means to us while they’re alive. Our cat is a huge part of our family and though not human it is her birthday month and I thought ... what better time to reflect, remember and honor our cat, Kittone. She will be 15 years old this month.

Molly, Frankie, Mitsy & Truck Kitty

I have always said animals choose their owners, not the owner choosing the animals. This is especially true of cats. The other myth I have found to be true is cats are not aloof as some people think - but are just as playful and loyal as a dog. All of my cats have been fixed and have received their shots. Animal owners need to be responsible and spay and neuter their animals.

Uhura & Moose

Uhura, the Siamese mix, and Moose, the dilute calico, are sisters from another mister. They couldn’t be further apart in personality. Moose prefers a warm lap all day, and the occasional cat treat. Uhura prefers to stalk the resident dog around the house, and steal food off of human plates. One thing they do have in common; getting crazy with some Grade A catnip and scratching posts and passing out afterward.


My cat, Ichigo, is surely the Cat’s Meow! He is so darling and handsome, always there to save the day.

Tootsie, Smokey & Charlotte

Not only do I have rescue dogs, but as an “equal opportunity” pet owner I also have three cats.

Dashidelic 55k

Dashidelic 55k (55,000): Why is he so special? We can’t quite pin it down, but we think his Twitter bio sums it up best: “Yes that’s my name. I’m a most extraordinary tuxedo cat. Action packed and handsome, like James Bond. Even cooler than cool, ice cold, like Andre 3k.”

Izzy & Leeloo

Izzy (left) is a gray tabby with a strong personality. He loves to go outside so much that he has learned to open doors to get out.


Leo is my cat. He is a nice kitty. He is black and tiny, and he is fun to play with. My family adopted Leo from the San Martin Animal Shelter in August. He was 3 months old. They had a lot of kittens when we visited, but Leo was special. He didn’t mind the other cats in the shelter, but he really liked me. I felt special that he chose me. Adopting Leo made me happy because I wanted a friend. My family is new to Morgan Hill, and I didn’t know anyone. It was hard to start a new school. Things are so different here than in Illinois where we used to live. Each day, no matter what kind of day I have at school, Leo is happy to see me. We hug before I do my homework or eat a snack. It makes me laugh when he does somersaults while playing with toys or his tail. Leo is super cuddly and very soft. He likes to watch me do my homework and play Legos.