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April 13, 2024

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San Jose city council votes to preserve Coyote Valley

“Amazon-style” warehouses won't be in the future of Coyote Valley for now, as the city plans to preserve 314 acres of green space, marking...

Veterans Housing Facility in San Jose to have grand opening

A two-year transitional housing facility helping veterans to get back on their feet will have its official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 a.m. Thursday in San Jose. In attendance will be Santa Clara County District 3 Supervisor Dave Cortese, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and CEO Irvin Goodwin of the Veterans Housing Facility.

OUR VIEW: Public pension reform, who will take it on?

1. Gilroy’s leaders failed to bring key issues to the ballot box

San Jose passes pension measure, unions lament

Voters in San Diego and San Jose overwhelmingly voted to pare back retirement benefits for city employees, setting the stage for a showdown over public pensions in Sacramento later this year.

Lavish overtime and benefits can’t buy Gilroy leadership

As the city of Gilroy happily reports glowing and growing sales tax numbers – “Seven straight quarters of sales tax increases” – and the unions call for new hiring, I wonder if anyone gets it. Or will we turn a blind eye to reality and take the easy way out as Mayor Al Pinheiro did in the last election? Personally, he said, binding arbitration for public safety employees was a horrible burden for the city, but he declined to take on the political fight to overturn it. That could have caused a real election rumble with the firefighters and police unions spending money to save the right for an out-of-town attorney to have the final say on pay and benefits for Gilroy’s public safety employees.