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July 24, 2024

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Owner of 9Lives Club in Gilroy pleads no contest to embezzlement,...

The former executive director of the Morgan Hill Downtown Association pleaded guilty Thursday to charges that he embezzled funds from the nonprofit organization while he was employed there.

Joshie: ‘It will be hard for me to have a good...

Joshua Valdez is back on his feet six months after the hit-and-run accident that left him with a busted knee and traumatic brain injury, but he thinks the woman who hit him while he was walking home one night more than six months ago should have been locked up for more than a year, and supervised on probation longer than the five years the judge ordered for her at South County Courthouse Monday.

Sierra LaMar murder suspect arraigned on 2009 attempted kidnappings

Antolin Garcia Torres, the Morgan Hill man suspected of killing missing teen Sierra LaMar, appeared in court Wednesday morning to be arraigned on three attempted kidnapping charges related to a series of incidents that happened in 2009.

Update: Candidate surrenders on warrant

UPDATE: Court records reveal that Council candidate Rebeca Armendariz has a history in and out of traffic court, amassing six traffic violations in the past four years (not including the incident on Aug. 28), which probably accounts for why her license was suspended in the first place. 

Vandalism, burglary rampant this week

Gilroy Police responded to more tricks than treats this Halloween week, including a few burglaries and vandalism. Here are a few events:

Sweep picks up 13 suspects linked to gang activity

Morgan Hill police combined forces with area law enforcement agencies to arrest 13 residents on a variety of charges during a parole and probation sweep targeting street gang activity last Friday.

Gilroy woman with $1M warrant arrested after short car chase

Two women with outstanding warrants, one of them with a $1 million warrant who was recently featured in the Most Wanted section of the Dispatch, were arrested at 12:21 a.m. on Tuesday at the corner of Leavesley Road and U.S. 101.

Gilroy police arrests Sept. 26 through Oct. 1

Gilroy police arrests Sept. 26 through Oct. 1

Puppy killer and 12-time felon gets six years in prison

The 12-time felon and Gilroy man who killed his wife’s puppy by throwing it against a wall more than a year ago was sentenced Friday morning to six years in state prison, a much shorter sentence than the 25 years to life he was facing.

Sheriff’s arrests: Assault with a piece of fruit

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s blotter