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October 26, 2020

Tag: dog

Dog, owners reunited after theft

Kate and Paolo D’Alessio thought their 15-month-old French bulldog, Sprinkles, was gone forever after a thief smashed the window of their vehicle and stole the pet outside a busy rest stop and gas station in east Santa Clara County.

Police briefs: Man breaks arcade game to steal quarters

An unknown suspect threw a rock into the front glass door at Straw Hat Pizza on First Street and broke an arcade game to steal quarters. Officers discovered the burglary at 7 a.m. on Sept. 3. Quarters were all over the restaurant's floor. Nothing else appeared to be damaged or missing, said Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao.

Rescued shelter dog brings new life into home

Another dog has claimed me as her human. It took three months after the death of my beloved Pumpkin for that inner voice to tell me, “I think you’re ready.” It’s sooner than I anticipated, but there was a void left behind - an emptiness that I knew could be filled by saving the life of another dog. I simply had to wait for my grief to ease and my heart to open enough to welcome a new companion home.

Dog found with a brick tied to its legs in Uvas...

A small honey-colored dog was found three days ago in Uvas Creek in Christmas Hill Park with her head barely above the water because a brick had been tied with rope to her small hind legs, said Hector Beltran who rescued the pup.

GPD approaches pit bull attack investigation with caution

The Gilroy Police Department is slowly and “cautiously” approaching the investigation of the July 12 pit bull attack at Starbucks on First Street, hesitant to make an arrest before both sides of the story have been thoroughly examined, according to Police Sgt. Chad Gallacinao.

Pit bull owner may not face charges

The Gilroy Police Department may not arrest the man who fled the scene after his pit bull attacked a dachshund in the First Street Starbucks parking lot on Thursday morning, causing the small dog to be euthanized, and causing severe non-life threatening injuries to its owner.

Bloody pit bull attack at Starbucks

Those passing through Starbucks on First Street and Wren Avenue for their morning lattes were taken aback when the coffee shop’s parking lot turned into a blood-spattered scene around 7:30 a.m. Thursday. The owner of a pit bull fled the scene after his dog allegedly attacked a smaller dog in the parking lot, giving it serious injuries that led to its euthanization, and sending its owner to the hospital.

Man accused of running dog to death

A Morgan Hill man was arrested after he allegedly ran two dogs to the point of heat exhaustion, resulting in the death of one of the animals, police said. 

Couple cries foul over dog case

The owners of a Morgan Hill pit bull accused of mauling a Chihuahua are still fighting the case in Superior Court, and are crying foul at the police department's handling of their case.

Time for DNA dog poop tests to stop the drop around...

Dear Editor, I was delighted to see the article in last week's Dispatch about members of an apartment complex in Minnesota having to submit DNA samples from their pets to help identify the owners of dogs who repeatedly left poop on the property.  Here in Gilroy, I am amazed by the frequently left droppings from dogs in the area encompassed by Mantelli, Calle del Rey and the Luigi Aprea School areas.  Just this morning I counted six separate droppings on the sidewalk along the Pacific West Christian School's side area on Calle del Rey and could not begin to count the piles left on the dirt area long the rest of the school property.  The same holds true along many other streets in the area to the point I don't dare look up at the lovely surrounding views while walking my dog in the mornings, as I have to be very vigilant about where I step.