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July 24, 2024

Tag: fraud

Insurance scammers face sentencing this week

In two separate Santa Clara County workers’ compensation insurance fraud cases, a child therapist and San Jose father and son business owners will face...

15 sentenced in Santa Clara County for health insurance scam

Fifteen people accused of running a massive statewide insurance scam that cost their victims about $40 million were sentenced Jan. 30 in what is...

Former educator sentenced for cancer fundraising fraud

Former Gilroy educator Amanda Christine Riley was sentenced in federal court in San Jose May 3 to 60 months in prison after pleading guilty...

Former Gilroy educator pleads guilty to cancer fundraising fraud

A former Gilroy educator pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud for soliciting donations from individuals to help her pay for cancer treatments she did...

DA’s office cracks down on EDD fraud

Santa Clara County prosecutors are cracking down on people—and particularly inmates—who’ve scammed taxpayers out of a fortune in ill-gotten unemployment benefits.

SJPD officer accused of fraud, wage theft, tax evasion

A San Jose Police officer who lives in Morgan Hill has been charged with multiple felonies connected to his use of his private security company to commit fraud, cheat on his taxes, steal wages and launder about $18 million, according to authorities.

Protect Your Identity

Along with life changing benefits that the Age of Technology brings, so too come new threats – one of the biggest being identity theft. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute found that 43% of companies have experienced some type of information breach this year alone. That’s a frighteningly high number, and includes small businesses and big businesses like Target, Home Depot, Goodwill, and just this week Staples.

Arraignment scheduled for man suspected in nonprofit embezzlement scheme

Jorge Briones, the former Morgan Hill Downtown Association executive director who is accused of embezzling funds from the nonprofit organization, is scheduled to be arraigned Friday, Dec. 21 at the South County Courthouse in Morgan Hill, according to authorities.