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May 17, 2024

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Guest View, Stephanie Hernandez and Sarah Manjra: Advocate for the unhoused

Being a resident of Gilroy my entire life, it is disheartening to witness the growth of our homeless population over the past several years....

Students collect underwear for homeless

Christopher and Gilroy high schools teamed up to collect 825 pairs of underwear for the homeless. The schools held the drive on March 19,...

Highway 101 homeless camp disperses

Homeless service providers helped residents of a growing encampment along Highway 101 move out of the area March 18 in anticipation of a cleanup...

Guest Opinion: Gilroy needs more compassion

In the 2017 Point in Time homeless census count conducted on Jan. 24 and 25, 5,448 homeless individuals—including veterans, families with children, former foster...

City hall packed to talk crime and homelessness

“Nobody wants to be homeless,” shouted Rachel Kogan, a 17-year old senior at Christopher High School in response to Gilroy businessman John Webster, who...

Thanks on behalf of those who are aided by the ...

Thanks on behalf of those who are aided by the Gilroy Compassion Center Dear Editor,

Is that message to Gilroyans really necessary, Genius?

Not sure what to make of the Gilroy Political Action Committee, an arm of the Chamber, which erected those borderline insulting campaign signs that scream, “It’s the Gilroy Economy, Genius” that endorse a slate of four candidates. Am darn sure the candidates didn’t give that slogan the stamp of approval even though, in theory, they might concur. The PAC’s motto is of the same political vein, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” What’s so odd is that for decades the Chamber has been unfailingly unwilling to offend. “Preserve and protect” could have been the motto. Case in point: Though it’s Government Review Committee staunchly opposed the binding arbitration clause in the city charter for public safety employees, the chamber politely refused to do public opinion battle and weakly presented the case without a recommended course of action to the City Council after much flapping of wings. Perhaps what we have emerging is the Chamber’s alter ego that has been bottled up for years and now, like a college teenager who’s left an ultra-strict household, it’s time for a new motto: “GilPAC, let the wild child out.”

Coat and blanket drive for the Gilroy Compassion Center

The Gilroy Compassion Center, a burgeoning homeless shelter located at 8425 Monterey Road that serves South County, is now collecting coats and blankets to distribute to those in need as winter approaches.

Local dog trainer should be ‘CNN Hero of the Year,’ supporters...

The people whose lives have been transformed by Gilroy dog trainer Mary Cortani think she’s pretty awesome – and they want the world to know about it.

Briefs: Tip a cop at Applebees, help the homeless

On April 24, the Gilroy Police Department will be serving the community as usual, but in a slightly different capacity than usual - serving food.