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May 18, 2024

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Photos: Winter persists in Gilroy

The wild and suspenseful saga that is the winter of 2023 continues, with the latest chapter bringing rare snowfall to South Valley—not just once,...

CalFire to conduct controlled burns in Coe Park

CalFire will be conducting a series of controlled burns over the coming months in Henry W. Coe State Park in an effort to reduce...

Report: Coe Park ecology will thrive due to SCU Fire

The SCU Lightning Complex Fire burned about 56,000 acres of Henry W. Coe State Park—about two-thirds of the park’s territory—but authorities say the blaze was good for the long-term health of the vast wilderness ecosystem.

CalFire: Coe Park did not hinder SCU firefighting efforts

These efforts include extensive work inside Henry W. Coe State Park, using bulldozers to cut a 60-foot firebreak inside the park, well in front of the flames.

Running: Verbica wins Henry W. Coe 10K Fun Run for second...

For the second straight year, Tiffany Verbica won the Henry W. Coe 10K Fun Run and was the No. 1 overall female runner. Verbica is the wife of the great grandson of Henry W. Coe, Peter Coe Verbica, who said his wife’s victory was “especially meaningful for the family”. The course, which begins at the Hunting Hollow trail head, is an out-and-back near the Gilroy Hot Springs. The win is the latest in a long list of victories for Tiffany. She finished as the No. 1 women in her age group of 30 to 39 and No. 2 overall for the women at the 2015 Nisene Marks Half Marathon in Soquel on June 6 in a time of 1:46:30.

Fun destinations close to home

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Pooling good energy for future of Hot Springs

The Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs lies out of sight amid steep, earthy embankments and lush wilderness hillsides, but plans are afoot for this ghostly shell of an aging 18th century jewel tucked away off Roop Road in the mountainous sanctuary of Henry W. Coe State Park, roughly 17 miles southeast of downtown Morgan Hill.

Parks Dept. inks agreement to save Coe Park

California State Parks' Director Ruth Coleman announced Monday that the Department has now signed an agreement for keeping Henry W. Coe State Park open to the public for the next three years.