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July 24, 2024

Tag: insurance

Options for paying for long-term health care

Long-term care riders are like health and car insurance, you want the protection just in case you need it, but hope never to use it. Social security and Medicare offer limited protection if you need long-term care recovering from an illness or an injury.

Insurance for ambulance rides

Imagine a medical emergency that requires an ambulance. Fast forward a month or so and imagine getting a bill from the Rural-Metro for $10,000 give or take with a notice declaring that the company, unfortunately, doesn’t contract with your private medical insurance carrier. You’re on the hook for the bill, maybe you’ve been unable to work and then the aggressive calls from the collection agency start.

MH man arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud, grand theft

Authorities have reportedly uncovered a ring of scam artists who ripped off insurance companies to the tune of about $170,000 by staging car accidents and seeking payouts for faked injuries, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. 

City pays workers comp settlement

The city paid a workers' compensation settlement to one of its public works employees this week, bringing the total amount paid in such claims this fiscal year to about $199,000.