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July 24, 2024

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Local Scene: Blood drive combats shortage

Local blood drive combats shortage The American Red Cross has faced a “concerning” drop in blood and platelet donations this summer, according to the organization,...

Fishing for a hometown hero, and choo-choo the Garlic Fest train...

Played a round of golf at Eagle Ridge recently with an out-of-town fellow in a funny hat, a real talker as it turns out. We shook hands, introduced ourselves and he said, “Do you fish?” Then I noticed the fisherman-style boots and pegged the hat. I have fished, mostly with a fly-fishing guide, but I’m not a fisherman. Never played golf with someone who yakked about fishing so much that I thought he was going to pull out a pole when we were teeing off on No. 12, the hole that runs around Santa Teresa Boulevard. Indeed, he went over, gazed across the pond and looked deeply into the water before proclaiming, “Yep, there’s bass in there, I’m sure of it, big bass, too.” In case you’re wondering, yep, he smacked a low liner right into the water – bait for the lurking bass. Saturday morning, you can do better. There’s the Third Annual Jeramy Ailes Fishing Derby to honor our own hero, Corporal Ailes, who was killed in Iraq. It’s at McAlpine Lake in San Juan Bautista. Registration begins at 6 a.m. with the derby from 7 to 11 a.m.  followed by a BBQ and prizes. Cost is 13 and up $35, 12 and under $25, day pass with no fishing $17, 2 and under free. Funds go to the Jeramy Ailes Memorial Scholarship. All the fishy details are available at: mcalpinelake.com/jeramyailesmemorialderby.html. Get up early, bring the kids and honor Jeramy’s sacrifice.

‘The Ghost’ is everywhere and munching on the Irish latest: ‘Ultimate...

Claddagh unveiled a new menu Tuesday and our lovely waitress, under the watchful eye of hard-working owner Leslie Benson, pitched a mound of “Ultimate Fries” to our weary group. The verdict: “killer.” Healthy? No – but more than a wee bit tasty. Mixture of ranch and blue cheese dressing, Frank’s hot sauce, a few other “secret” ingredients and bits of crispy bacon. Messing with the menu never tasted so good. A tip of the green Claddagh cap  in order …

Can’t we say Aloha! to the HCP and embrace our wineries

Ran across a pretty good – and telling quote: “The Ten Commandments contain 297 words, the Bill of Rights 463 words, and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 266 words. A recent federal directive regulating the price of cabbage contains 26,911 words.” That from an unknown author who would appreciate the absurdity of a 2,000-plus-page document seemingly destined to govern land use in Santa Clara County, the Habitat Conservation Plan. Years of meetings, millions of dollars, a plethora of government agencies ... and what do you get? A 2,000-plus-page document that nobody truly understands.

Focus on things that keep our community blooming

If the bloom temporarily vacated your mental rose, reminder … the annual Rotary Flower Fest Sale is Saturday – (weather report 72 degrees purrrfect) at Syngenta Seeds on Hecker Pass. Put on your best elbow pads and mosey on out to pluck from the marvelous selection. Heard the Rotarians working the flower floor were all going to don David Cox wigs, now that would be a funny picture … Starts at 8 a.m., ends at 3. Buying beautiful flowers for the Rotary’s charitable giving programs is pretty darn sweet.