Ran across a pretty good – and telling quote: “The Ten Commandments contain 297 words, the Bill of Rights 463 words, and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 266 words. A recent federal directive regulating the price of cabbage contains 26,911 words.” That from an unknown author who would appreciate the absurdity of a 2,000-plus-page document seemingly destined to govern land use in Santa Clara County, the Habitat Conservation Plan. Years of meetings, millions of dollars, a plethora of government agencies … and what do you get? A 2,000-plus-page document that nobody truly understands.
Can’t understand this either: Drove by Dhruv Khanna’s Kirigin Cellars at the northeast corner of Day and Watsonville roads pre-9 a.m.ish on Saturday morning. Referee whistles, yelling, cheering, 100 cars in an expansive paved and lighted parking lot and kids playing on a huge grass soccer field … So, Santa Clara County approves this “land use” for a rural winery and can’t figure out how to allow events, concerts and amplified music without causing a major league bloodbath with bad feelings all around. Is it really just the guy who can afford to hire the most contentious lawyer wins? C’mon County, solve it. Don’t overcomplicate it. Get a grip.
Giants steamrolling toward a grip on the National League West Division title. Bruce Bochy, former roommate of Gilroy’s own major leaguer veteran Frank LaCorte, should be manager of the year, hands down. And who knew Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro would be Giants sparkplugs? Plus, what a remarkable story coming back from such a horrific injury Buster MVPosey is. Just love it that the Giants are writing another spirited chapter in their storied history.
History at the table at John and Rachel Perez’s incredibly beautiful home perched atop Gilroy’s east foothills last weekend when Miss Jenny and I were invited to a “Frida Kahlo” dinner won at a local charitable auction to benefit the Latino Family Fund, under the umbrella of the Gilroy Foundation. The view, the food, the artwork, the craftsmanship and the company, which included Javier and Angie Aguirre, Eleanor Villareal and Martha Martinez, were all amazing. We were joined by the intriguing and enchanting “Frida” for tapas and drinks – one Gabriella from Gilroy who strikingly resembled the world renowned Mexican artist. “Frida” appeared in costume and stayed in character. It took the evening to a whole new level as the group chatted with her about her tumultuous life as an artist and a woman who endured 30 operations after a trolley car hit a bus she was riding on at the tender age of 18. Here’s an insightful Frida quote: “I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.” If the “Frida” dinner is on the auction list at an event you’re at, go for it. John and Rachel are salt-of-the-earth people and fabulous hosts.
Good feelings at Saturday’s 23rd Annual Gilroy Foundation fund-raising “Day in the Country” event. Mother-daughter co-chairs, Teresa and Kendall Costa, really pulled off a winning combination with attention to details for the Hawaiian-themed “Paradise Found” event. If the event’s success is any indication, Kendall, a recent college grad who is event planner job hunting, shouldn’t have much trouble. The bar at the Elks, transformed into a Tiki Bar, never looked better, the local wineries set up on the grass outside and the event circulation planning  worked to perfection. Exec Director Donna Pray, Assistant Exec Direc Gina Anderson and Event Coordinator Lee Blaettler – great effort! The Foundation, tied with St. Joseph’s Family Center as the top charitable organization in Gilroy, netted more than $55,000 thanks to generous bidders like lovely Lynda Trelut who’s nabbed a fab Tropical Dinner at the LaCorte’s new Palapa Bar. And Kahuna-sized kudos for Chef Dave Bozzo – truly off the charts on the appetizers and the dinner. Best charitable event food ever.
Ever wonder who the sickos are that invent packaging that requires a chainsaw to open? Spent 15 minutes trying to pry open a 12-pack of razors recently and needed the skills of a surgeon to avoid having to see one. Maybe it’s county planning staff …
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