52.1 F
Gilroy, CA
Saturday, August 24, 2019

Mark Derry


Signs making a visual mess out of our town; how about a flea market?

Visual noise is everywhere in Gilroy – ubiquitous is a good word to describe it. It’s like this: throw it out there on the street and let it sit for eons. Here, there, everywhere more trash on the sidewalk. It’s garbage, really, and Mayor Don Gage is on the right track choosing to vigorously clean up “Signtown.” One step in the right direction at a time. No A-frames littering the sidewalks, no flapping distracting haphazardly placed banners, no dressed up Lady Liberty dancing on the sidewalk frantically waving a sign. Hallelujah! And while we’re at it, let’s shut down the permanent garage sale locations. That aspect is a ridiculously trashy mess. If a homeowner wants to sell junk every weekend, pack it up and take it to the flea market.

Going to be somewhere sunny and over 75, so let’s talk ice hockey

Beautiful and warm, that’s how the weather’s supposed to be this spring weekend and that’s how the San Jose Sharks are playing after the Olympic break. A Stanley Cup would be fitting for Joe Thornton, in particular. The longer he plays, the more legends he passes in the record books. When you watch him carefully, he’s clearly a “Jedi Master” feeding teammates the puck for scoring opportunities. At just the right moment in just the right place, the disc arrives on the stick and it’s a thing of beauty to watch and marvel over.

Hope the turnout for ‘T’ at Troy’s Bocce and Betsy’s is huge – like...

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

DST just around the bend and just maybe the library will be open on...

For those of you wondering, as I have been lately, when exactly Daylight Saving Time starts, it’s Sunday, March 9 at 2 a.m. That’s when the clock springs forward for some inexplicable reason and, voila, an extra hour of daylight appears magically and the days grow longer marching toward summer. Leave the clock alone would be my preference. It’s just a weird cultural fluke from days gone by at this point.

Plan to get your passport and a happy birthday to ‘Cakes’ Marie

It’s Wednesday morning as I write, and it’s my middle daughter’s birthday. Her nickname is perfect for the day. Cayla Marie’s “other” name is “Cakes.” I’m really not sure how all that worked out – my oldest, Shannon, is “Pie” and Mariah, the youngest, is “Root Beer.” Nobody else uses those nicknames, it’s a Dad’s special, and the why and how – who knows? So, Happy Birthday across the miles Cakes Marie, your proud Father loves you and wishes every happiness today and always.

‘Muzungu’ takes a fascinating trip to Rwanda

My husband and I recently spent a month in Rwanda, visiting his parents who have been Baptist missionaries there for 35 years. For my husband it was a trip home, a chance to be in familiar places, to be known, and to exhale. For me it was a chance to know my husband better by experiencing where he grew up, to be on vacation for a month, to spend the holidays with my in-laws as our gracious hosts, and to explore a new country.

No surprise, police protection tops the taxpayer list, so …

Not surprised that the people polled say that police and fire protection is tops on the list of what they’re willing to pay for either via an additional half-cent sales tax or a parcel tax. It’s slam-dunk predictable. So, we’ll see how this “quality of life” tax evolves through the process and, perhaps, whether or not the people are willing to pay for it if a proposal gets through the City Council and onto the ballot. It’s hard to argue that the people shouldn’t have their “say”, so it’s a likelihood Gilroyans will get a chance to speak out come November ... never a dull political moment in little ol’ Garlictown, USA.

Awards for our brightest stars and hopefully plenty of raindrops coming

It’s a bang-up hit parade for the annual Spice of Life Chamber awards Saturday night with a glittering tribute on our front page to the winners. One of my favorite quotes comes from Lisa Cassara-Faria who, when asked what she loved about Gilroy said, “The people are the bomb.” So true, it’s all about the people, and it’s people like Lisa, and Don DeLorenzo, and Kai Lai, and .... who make Gilroy great. Hopefully that star-studded gala event can make a re-appearance in our sparkling town next year. Nothing against San Juan Oaks, but the city’s brightest awards ceremony ought to be shining right here in our town.

Raindrops please keep falling on my head – and Jimmy’s ace in the hol

What to my wondering eyes did appear, but drops on the front porch that wouldn’t disappear … great to feel, hear and see the rain. Wow, it’s been such a long time ...

Wounds aplenty, but taking the chainsaw to heritage oaks? Shame

Licking my wounds … not sure which gashes were inflicted by our just-completed home loan refinancing process or which were the result of the 49ers loss Sunday. Both were unnecessarily tortuous. The 49ers should have and could have overcome the bad calls and won the game, but I agree with our Gilroy brethren, former 49er QB Jeff Garcia, who said in a radio interview that the final play fade route throw from Colin Kaepernick to wide receiver Michael Crabtree, which resulted in an interception, was the wrong call for a number of reasons. The throw would have had to have been perfect, said Garcia. Yep, not the smart call or the percentage play, and I appreciate Garcia telling it like it is. He, after all, learned from the best. His father, Bobby, still calls them like he sees them.