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July 30, 2021

Tag: patient safety at saint louise hospital gilroy

Do you have serious concerns about patient safety at Saint Louise...

• I’ve had concerns for a very long time, rarely do you hear of a positive experience at St. Louise. • Yes, after reading all the news about it, I am concerned. This is something the hospital should have known was going on, should have addressed it for improvements and, definitely, should have been prepared to speak to the press and the residents of South County when the report came out.  The “unavailability of the CEO” on something so important is disappointing. • No more than any other hospital, as those are places just riddled with opportunities for people to contract something, unfortunately. The only thing I have a concern about is that it limits options for women due to the parent company’s beliefs. I don’t think medicine and religion should limit one another. • No. I have been a patient in the past and received great care. • No. Not serious concerns. I do have some concerns about the ability of this organization to meet the community’s needs. I also continually wonder why their services are so expensive relatively speaking. I had an MRI at Saint Louise and it ran around $3,000. The same MRI at another service provider was $1,800. It’s hard to “stay local” when there is a dramatic price difference. I also think they need to work harder at recruiting new doctors into the community. Many times we have to leave town to find common specialists. • No, I have received care at Saint Louise Hospital and have always found their care to be adequate. • No. I don’t have any experience with the ER or trauma functions at this hospital. • Not serious – yet.

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