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July 7, 2020

Tag: pet

Strangers reach out to share in sadness

If I’ve learned anything through the years, I’ve learned that sometimes, when you’re in a tough spot, you have to let others in, let others shine a light on your dark path. Although I’m not one to rely heavily on others, even in difficult times, I know that my family and close friends are willing to help in any way and anytime they’re needed.

Saying goodbye to a dog named Pumpkin

I vividly remember the day she adopted me, me driving home with her 5-month-old paws on the dashboard, face tilted downward and pressed against the windshield. I remember wondering if I had made the right decision: Was I ready to take on a dog? We’d had family dogs when I was young, but I was an adult now, living on my own. She would be all mine.

Dog slobber, shedding is worth it in the end

I'm a dog person. Actually, I'm an animal person, but if I had to choose, I'd step to the dog side every time.