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May 18, 2024

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Council considers strict sign rules, dealerships boggled

In the midst of a city-led crackdown on business signs, auto dealers are pleading with city council to let them advertise with balloons, flags and certain types of large signs – all which are currently illegal in Gilroy – saying that the law squelches business.  

Somersault into discovering your talent

I’m fascinated by other people’s talents and skills. Musicians, novelists, dancers ... anyone who has a specific ability that they’ve honed and perfected. And kudos to those who share their talent and touch the lives of others - from teaching classes or performing on stage, to simply going to work every day, in the case of a steady-handed surgeon.

WERC rescues golden eagle

A golden eagle has the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center to thank for his life.

Dating today is not for the faint of heart

Being single isn't for wimps. It's tough out there in the dating world. So tough, in fact, that I've found myself becoming more and more comfortable with my single status.

Gilroy woman arrested after wreck kills husband, daughter

A Gilroy woman faces charges of manslaughter and driving under the influence after allegedly causing a car accident Saturday that killed her husband and 26-year-old daughter, the California Highway Patrol said.

Drive-by suspects’ plea hearing postponed

A plea hearing for the five suspects accused of killing

‘Great basketball player … a better son’

Former Gilroy High School basketball coach Jeremy Dirks will

Remembering Lynn Shimek: ‘Make the loss matter’

An English historian named Thomas Fuller once observed,