My name is Dr. Ahmad R. Rafii D. C. I am a board certified Chiropractor with over 25 years of successful business experience. At the invitation of the City of Hollister, my intent was the operation of a manufacturing and cultivation facility for medicinal purposes under my company Euphoric Life, Inc. at 807 Industrial Drive in Hollister.
It has come to my attention that certain information recently published first in the Gilroy Dispatch and then repeated in the Hollister Freelance contained inaccurate information regarding this sale to ARR Compadre Housing, a limited liability company I own and manage. Contrary to your news articles the property was purchased with a conventional loan not cash. Facts which can be easily verified by reference to the County records. Moreover, the property was never listed at $600,000 or any other price. I am a seasoned business professional not a cannabis speculator.
While the world is waking up to the medically tested and growing potential of cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy to cancer to chronic pain, I invented a transdermal pain patch designed to incorporate both the THC and CBD components of cannabis via Nano technology as a viable alternative to opioid use which has devastated our families and communities. I intend to manufacture this product on Industrial Drive.
The news articles published November 6th and 30th feature Green Tripe Inc, the current tenant and long-term business lessee of this location. The owners Peter and Mary Voss have become friends and supporters of my business endeavors and I wish them well on their relocation to Gilroy as property owners.
I have reached out to nearly every business on Industrial Drive and have garnered much support and enthusiasm. I greatly appreciate those businesses and owners who have welcomed and supported me.
Dr. Ahmad R. Rafii D. C

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