Commission moves forward with new ADU regulations


The Gilroy Planning Commission recommended new accessory dwelling unit zoning regulations to comply with state law on May 14.

On Jan. 1, the state established new rules that invalidated the city’s existing ADU ordinance. The new state regulations allow construction of one 1,200-square-foot accessory dwelling unit and one 500-square-foot junior accessory dwelling unit with a single-family residence, and multiple accessory dwelling units on multi-family developed properties.

Gilroy’s ADU ordinance had limited an accessory dwelling unit size at 600 square feet and one bedroom.

The new city ADU ordinance proposes to set the maximum ADU size at 1,000 square feet, allow an ADU to be built above a detached garage, and implement the remainder of state law. 

The commission voted 5-1-1 to recommend the ordinance to the city council for approval. Commissioner Casey Estorga, who cast the dissenting vote, questioned the need for a local ordinance, when the state ADU regulations already cover Gilroy. Commissioner Peter Fleming was absent.


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