Councilman’s juvenile tantrum


Jeers for Councilman and mayoral candidate Peter Arellano who threw a tantrum and stormed out of a City Council meeting Monday night after coming out on the short end of a 4-1 vote. Our local elected officials have to have thick skin and possess the judgment to know what battles to pick and when to let go. Those attributes are especially valuable when the going gets a little rough. And those skills are absolutely necessary for the next mayor who has the unenviable task of “putting Humpty Dumpty” back together again. The Council is fractured and listless. This is just the latest example – and a really bad one from someone who says he’s ready to lead the city?
Cheers for the sorely needed completed renovations at Gilroy High School. The outstanding work done on a tight deadline should yield a great deal of Mustang pride and care. The science classrooms are amazing, the quad with its character counts starburst and the new gym floor are innovative, thoughtful and executed to perfection. Way to go GUSD, Kent Construction and all the various firms which contributed their expertise.  
Cheers for the lasting positive effects on public safety stemming from the major sting known as Operation Garlic Press. Reporter Carly Gelsinger’s look back a year after the major sting involving local and state police agencies netted 118 arrests and brought State Attorney General Kamala Harris to the Garlic Capital, revealed that only three of the 118 were back on the street. The boiling crime cauldron that had been bubbling away in Gilroy took it on the chin in a way that has had lasting ramifications. Great work by the Gilroy Police Department putting together this major operation and staying on top of the consequences so the public has a clear understanding of the benefits.
Jeers for the length of time it’s taking to let the public know what’s going on with the investigation regarding the $18,000 stolen from a Garlic Festival ticket booth. Let’s make the call. Either it’s clear who the perpetrators are and there is evidence to arrest and prosecute or not. Sure, there are important details, but the  next-step news should be on Gilroy’s doorstep soon.
Cheers for a Gilroy first … the city will have its first ever amateur golf champion after competitive Saturday and Sunday rounds at Eagle Ridge and Gilroy golf courses on Nov. 3 and 4, respectively. It’s 36 holes of medal play, divided by flights with gross and net score champions. Check out for details.
Jeers for the news that the owner of the pit bull which attacked and killed and innocent dog in front of Starbucks will not be charged. Perhaps the newly elected City Council will take another looked at the dangerous dog ordinance and revise it so that there is a clear path to prosecution under the law for a situation like this.


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