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December 6, 2023

County reports $89K in unclaimed monies 

Owners must file claims by Nov. 11

The County of Santa Clara Department of Tax and Collections (DTAC) published a list of 127 individuals and businesses who are potential owners of $89,017 in unclaimed general collections monies. 

Potential owners who qualify for these monies must file claims by Nov. 11. The list of names and claim forms can be found at sccdtac.org/unclaimedmonies. The list includes monies that have been on deposit with the County’s General Collections Trust Funds for longer than three years.

The unclaimed monies come from overpayments, duplicate payments, adjustment of charges, payments to victims who cannot be located, victims who refused the monies, or are out of business and a variety of other reasons.

“DTAC is committed to issue the funds to owners of the unclaimed money,” said Sylvia Jefferson, director of the Department of Tax and Collections. “We encourage individuals and businesses to file a claim if they believe that they may be rightful owners of the funds based on the published list.” 

Individuals and business owners can see if they are on the list of unclaimed monies by visiting sccdtac.org/unclaimedmonies. If people believe they may be due funds based on the published names, they are encouraged to submit their claim form online or by mail. 

When a claim form is submitted, it requires a name, address, amount of claim, account number, and a copy of a valid ID and/or other supporting documents to the claim. All claims must be filed by Nov. 11. After the deadline, unclaimed monies in the General Collections Trust Funds will be transferred to the County funds as allowed. 

For information, contact DTAC’s Fiscal Services Division at 408.326.1007 or email [email protected].

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