Do you agree with the decision to conduct a police raid on Liberty PCS, an Internet cafe clearly linked to gambling operations?

Community Pulse

• Yes. Any illegal operation warrants a police raid.
• Yes. The only legalized gambling in California are cardrooms, the lottery and Indian Casinos.  If there is illegal gambling, just like any other illegal activity, measures need to be taken to stop them.
• Yes. I have been frustrated that it seemed like this illegal activity was unnoticed. I say “thank you!”
n Yes absolutely! If someone is committing a crime than they should be held responsible for their actions.
• Yes, shut it down. These unscrupulous, money-hungry business people prey on those with a weakness and this damages our community.
• Yes, the gambling operation is illegal and law enforcement is doing their job.
• Unless it is a legal gambling establishment, get rid of it.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have NOTHING illegal going on in Gilroy?!
• Yes. Why would GPD not? It’s an illegal operation and should be raided.
• Yes. These slippery types of shams attempt to maneuver around State gambling regulations but are clearly illegal and a detriment to our community. Invariably, the owners piss and moan about their treatment, proclaim they are providing a needed service, wave the Bill of Rights around claiming their First Amendment right were violated, and eventually slither away. Keep up the good work City/GPD!
• Yes, Illegal is illegal and it had to be nipped in the bud or they would start springing up everywhere. 


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