Felony charge of manslaughter didn’t hold water


The following individuals and organizations deserve either
CHEERS or JEERS this week:
The following individuals and organizations deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

CHEERS: For Superior Court Judge Alan Hedegard, who tossed out felony vehicular manslaughter charges against Gilroy’s Robert Orabuena. From the outset, the charges stemming from the July 4 accident on Fairview Road in Hollister were suspect. Clearly, the evidence never stood the felony test and San Benito County District Attorney John Sarsfield should have recognized that from the get-go.

CHEERS: For Jeff Garcia, 49ers quarterback and Gilroy’s favorite son, who received Hall of Fame induction honors from San Jose State University Thursday night. Well deserved for a man who has continually shown strength of character and class.

JEERS: For the three Ninth Circuit Federal Court judges in San Francisco who ruled that the recall election should be postponed. Larry, Moe and Curly they are – unfortunately, their judicial activism is not a bit funny.

CHEERS: For the folks at Gilroy’s Denny’s Restaurant who showed compassion toward a homeless mother and daughter. Besides greeting them warmly and making them feel welcome at the restaurant which is in front of their makeshift station wagon home in the parking lot, Denny’s employees worked to get them some help from social services. A temporary apartment is in the offing and perhaps the struggling pair will get back on their feet.

CHEERS: For the news that Bob Cerruti’s test tomatoes, grown with perchlorate-tainted water, show no signs of the chemical. Had the tomatoes tested positive, a whole new perchlorate-stained controversy about the safety of local agriculture products would likely have erupted.

JEERS: For Gavilan College Athletic Director Ron Hannon and head football coach John Lango, who should have known better when they hired a man who falsely claimed he was a former NFL star. Hiring procedures were shoddy, lies were told, and Gavilan College received an unnecessary black eye.

JEERS: For Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ducked another gubernatorial debate.

CHEERS: For the San Francisco Giants, 2003 champions of the National League West and only the ninth team in baseball history to lead a division wire-to-wire through the season. It’s been a magical season of tragedy and triumph, an intensely human compelling sports story. Let it end with the glory of a World Series victory.

CHEERS: For the city of Gilroy and Traffic Engineer Kristi Abrams, who is managing the downtown streetscape project. Though the project is taking longer than expected, crews will shut down during the holidays to make sure shoppers aren’t inconvenienced. That’s a smart, considerate move.


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