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Fernwood Cellars Wine Cause for 'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs'

Stemming from the company motto, “Quality is Timeless,” Fernwood has one overriding philosophy which permeates the entire operation. Every decision we make from barrel choice to pruning regime to equipment purchasing is driven by the question, “What will make the absolute best wine?” Once that’s answered the rest takes care of itself.
It may seem like a commonsensical thing to say, but it places Fernwood Cellars in roughly 7 percent of this industry because the vast majority of wineries purchase fruit from an independent grower, who are typically paid by the ton – perhaps not completely oriented to what growing system will make the best wine, regardless of tonnage.
Another basic philosophy Fernwood lives by is they do not use oak “alternatives.” They simply buy the best new oak barrels they can get our hands on in an effort to make reliably consistent fine wines. While it’s not the cheapest route, it’s Fernwood’s opinion that it’s the only route that makes sense for a dependable brand.
MORE: 408-848-0611; www.fernwoodcellars.com
VISIT: 7137 Redwood Retreat Road, Gilroy


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