Fred Tovar charged in DUI

Councilmember Fred Tovar ran as an anti-growth candidate but his vote to extend a growth ordinance conflicts with his stance on Measure H.

Gilroy City Councilmember Fred Tovar was arrested Nov. 2 in Gilroy on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, according to Gilroy Police.
Police Capt. Joseph Beras said Tovar was pulled over on a traffic stop at 1:58am Saturday, Nov. 2 at Dowdy and Fifth streets in Gilroy.
He was given a traffic citation and released, police said.
Tovar declined to comment on the incident.


  1. Was he arrested or let go? The article say’s both “He was given a traffic citation and released” and “Councilmember Fred Tovar was arrested Nov. 2”. I am not thinking they would release an ordinary citizen for drunk driving; is that even legal?


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