Gilroy High School’s ’07 Graduation Disaster


Reader sound off on GHS graduation ceremony
Gilroy High School’s ’07 Graduation Ceremony an Unmitigated Disaster

Dear Editor,

To the parents and guests of the Gilroy High School Graduating Class of 2007:

One of the proudest days of a parent’s life is when their child graduates from high school. So, let’s talk about Gilroy High School’s graduation this year. All I can say is, “What a disappointment”.

Do people realize when they are at a ceremony or a presentation they should be quiet? I couldn’t believe adults talking throughout the entire ceremony. Why do people even go if they can’t be courteous and listen? Even after asking the people around us, (numerous times in fact) to be quiet, the reply was, “We’ll try to be quiet, but I can’t guarantee it”. Also, you could not hear the speeches or announcements in the stands because the sound system didn’t work or wasn’t turned up. Were sound checks done?

People were starting to leave the ceremony before half of the graduates received their diploma. Again, how can people be so disruptive, rude and disrespectful to the graduates who had yet to receive their diploma? With balloon bouquets blocking the stage and the noise of chatter and foot traffic, parents of those children could not hear a thing let alone see what was going on. We gave you the courtesy of watching your child receive their diploma, why could you not extend the same?

Finally, the staff of Gilroy High School got up out of their seats before the ceremony was complete to protect the school’s beloved track! Could they not have waited until the ceremony was over? Talk about disruption, with all of them leaving at the same time. It seems that after receiving two calls from the school and receiving a flyer in the program, it should have been enough to warn us all to stay off the track. But, probably not … they had to enforce the point, even at the expense of the graduating class.

If Gilroy High was so concerned about the track why didn’t they have the ceremony on the practice field like they did in years past? My daughter graduated two years ago and having it on the grass was great. It was cooler and people had more room to move around, plus the sound system worked and you could hear everything.

All I am trying to say is give others the respect and courtesy you would deserve. My son was part of the GHS Graduating Class of 2007 and unfortunately his last name begins with the letter “W”. My family and family from out of town could hardly see him when he went up to receive his diploma or hear his name announced (even though we sat in the front row of the bleachers!). We can never get that moment back, it is disheartening.

So in closing, if you can’t keep quiet and stay in your seat for the duration of the ceremony, at least think of others and their graduate. I know I would have enjoyed my son’s high graduation a lot more without you.

Sue Whitney, Gilroy

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