GOLF TIPS: Give yourself some room around water

A golfer does his best not to be affected by the incoming wave along the 18th hole at Pebble Beach during the final round of the AT&T Pro-Am.

Many golfers try to do the right thing by hitting a shot short of a water hazard instead of trying a high-risk shot over the water toward the green.

But for some reason, these same “smart” golfers try to land as close to the water’s edge as possible. The truly smart player lays back from the water in order to protect the ball from a penalty by landing or rolling into the water.

The key to a successful hole is to lay back from trouble and not press up into it.

Lower scores come from smart play and dry shots.

The Direction of Teaching Golf

For decades golfers relied on Golf Digest and Golf Magazine for extra tips to help their swings. Now with computer software and other technical equipment, golfers are turning to the latest applications to take their game to a higher level.

You can now feed information about your game into many computer programs and golf websites and receive recommendations on golf ball, clubs and swing changes that improve your score and swing mechanics.

So, do you still need your local teaching professional? Absolutely.

There are some very good programs out there, but the information you receive is only as good as what you put into the applications.

As they say, one person’s medicine is another person’s poison.

I have found quite a difference between how far a golfer will tell you he hits his drives and how far he actually hits his drives. This kind of misinformation given to a program results in false recommendations.

Also, keep in mind the game of golf is not just about having a pretty swing, it is about scoring. Playing golf is not always from a perfect lie, weather conditions and free from trouble. Learning the type of shots, swinging within your physical limitations and the importance of practice, all have a bearing on your game.

Being able to see your ball flight is very important for ball, clubs and swing recommendations. Many golfers enjoy knowing all the technical aspects of the golf swing and seek any technical support available. Your teaching professional will enjoy using this information to help you enhance your game.


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